Linda NĂ¼bling
Creative Director / Graphic Designer / Art Director | Munich
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Full studionuemoonlight
This is our art poster we did for the home entertainment release of the Oscar-winning movie "MOONLIGHT" in Germany. The concept was as follows: Chiron experiences a moment of physical affection in all 3 chapters of the movie. These moments are rare and special for him. He remembers them for a lifetime. We wanted to capture one of these moments - when Juan teaches Chiron aka Little how to swim and carries him afterward out of the water. In this scene, Little gets to know how a father-son relationship could feel like. It's a moment of true love, honesty, All posters are limited hand signed art posters which were produced in a high quality are available on Thank you, DCM Film for choosing us and Schee for the lovely cooperation. And many thanks to Barry Jenkins and all the talented actors who have created such a masterpiece.
Tags: Illustration, Graphic design, Art, Poster
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