Title: Kusehlathini apha, uzolimala
Mfundo Mokotong
Creative Director / Fine Artist / Visual Artist | Johannesburg
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Kusehlathini apha, uzolimala means 'this is the jungle, you're going to get injured'. It was inspired by a song called 'Ehlatini' by Anatii, a South African singer, songwriter and record producer, from his second studio album titled 'Iyeza'. In the song Anatii likens the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg to a jungle, that we suffer on the weekday, the days are long here, its hectic and everybody is working. I wanted to represent the idea of being 'ehlathini', 'in the jungle, forest or bush' visually but there is also a sense of literariness that I was 'ehlathini' and I was going to get hurt in other words 'bengizolimala'. The series is on-going and it is also a study of landscapes in relation to human beings and in the context of the township, how these landscapes are existing and surrounding us even though it is as if they aren't being noticed but add scenic value and create a backdrop for the township, also acting as a transition in and around different neighbourhoods that are within the township. The township being Katlehong, Gauteng which is in the East Rand of Johannesburg.
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