Yannis Davy Guibinga
Photographer | Montréal
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Preserving and protecting our cultures, rituals and religions have been an important matter on the continent since colonial times and the introduction of westernization in African communities. Women in particular, have always been the ones at the forefront of cultural and spiritual preservation, as well as passing traditions down to the younger generations, as a way for the culture to move forward and remain. This photo series explores the connection between femininity and spirituality, as well as the importance of women in the preservation of tradition. Catholic imagery was used to connect the notion of spirituality and tradition to the images in the way the model poses, as well as her clothes. The Ndembu people of West Africa see the color red as something ambivalent, capable of simultaneously representing either the positive or negative. The model is painted with and surrounded by the color red to express this notion of ambivalence regarding rituals and traditions who are considered to be important and even vital by some and outdated and irrelevant by others.
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