Title: The Grief
Yannis Davy Guibinga
Photographer | Montréal
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Every human life is marked by different events that has a permanent impact on the way we see and think about the world. Among many of these universal human experiences, losing a loved one remains one of the most painful and uncomfortable one to live through. "The Grief" is a body of work illustrating in an abstract way the emotional journey on which a woman is taken after a loss. By going through 7 consecutive stages, grief takes the protagonist through a journey that is simultaneously unpleasant, tumultuous and sometimes frustrating. By using the color black as a way to illustrate the evolution of the grief on the protagonist's body, the photographer tries to interpret this Universal experience in a unique way, striving for a more complex and nuance representation of grief. This series of photos also aims to highlight the fact that grief is not something that is static, but rather something that constantly changes and evolves as time goes by.
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