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Saba Tadele

Saba Tadele

Saba Tadele is an artist from Malmo, Sweden currently based in Stockholm  who uses mixed-media techniques, including painting, sculpture, and photography, to explore themes such as identity, emotions, balance, energy, order, and purpose.

Her artwork invites the viewer into her world by arranging objects, colors, marks, and strokes in ways that capture experiences from the past, examine the political climate, and express the beauty and complexity of life's wonders.

Tadele's work is characterized by a deep sensitivity to the world around her, which she expresses through sensory experiences such as scents, the cosmos, and enchanting sounds.

Saba draws deep inspiration from her cultural heritage and faith, which infuse her artwork with a sense of spiritual contemplation and transcendence. Through her creative process, which combines intuition and intention.

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